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Cotswold Spa Bathing Company is a leading health & beauty store that cares for your wellbeing.

We provide an unparalleled selection of quality products including the finest ingredients, an easy shopping experience and exceptional customer service.

All of our products are 100% Natural & Vegan.
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******Gold Winner 2022*****
Our 'Natural & Fun' Children's Luxury Epsom Salts have just won the 2022 UK MUM's TV
Award for 'Best Health & Care Products for Mum & Family'


Menopause Friendly


Recovery Salts from£5.99 with free delivery

Pedicured Feet

It bubbles & fizz's to ease your troubles away...


Help get a better nights rest with our Plain & Simple Epsom Salts which will enhance your mood and promote relaxation before taking you to the land of sleep!

Looking to relax from the days strain or got a new little person on the way.? Relax with our Calm & Tranquility salts that fizz those aching pains away..

Suffering muscle soreness from a tough workout at the gym or training to be the next Olympian?

Performance & Recovery salts are high in Magnesium to aid recovery and fatigue so you can carry on pushing your body to the next level..

Make kids bath times exciting with adding colour and fizz in our Natural & Fun range through our Little Cotwold Spa bathing salts..


All of our products contain the finest grade of Epsom Salts carefully packed into 4 x soluble bags per pack (250g) in our bio-degradable display tube. Just add to the bath and sit back, relax and unwind..

Luxury Epsom Salts Single Bath Pouch (250g)

Our finest range of Epsom Salts are now available to purchase in a single dissolvable pouch with a branded cotton gift bag. An Ideal present for any loved one. 

-Plain & Simple

-Calm & Tranquillity (with Bergamot & Cedarwood)

-Performance & Recovery (with Black Pepper & Noir)

-Natural & Fun (with Black Pepper & Noir and turns the bath a playful colour)

Available in our shop to order in our 'Bag of Ethics'-

•    Our 100% owned factory has a water treatment system preventing toxic chemicals from entering the waterways. 
•    The factory is surrounded by hundreds of trees and plants (and we have a team of gardeners who look after these) to help reduce our CO2 emissions. 
•    The inks used are REACH compliant (non-toxic). We upcycle deadstock material. 
•    We support local educational institutions, orphanages, and disability homes in the local area. 


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Soothe &

Luxury Dead Sea Salts

When problem skin is causing you irritation

#Eczema #Psoriasis #Acne #Dematitis
To give you a helping hand to clearer skin

Soothe & Heal.jpg

Ready to pour 1kg Pouches
Now Available!!
Only £5.99 with free shipping..



About Us

Since our first day in business, Cotswold Spa Bathing Company has been offering our customers the best selection of products at unbeatable prices. Our online store has become synonymous with quality and we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic merchandise along with unique limited edition and seasonal items that fit any budget. Check it out and start shopping today!

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