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We are Cotswold Spa Bathing Company and our bathing salts are produced with the finest organic ingredients to cleanse your mind, body and soul. We aim to provide you with the most relaxing experience through our finest range of scents mixed with a little fizz to bubble away your troubles. 

The Full Story


Epsom Salts originally derive from the village of Epsom, Surrey, England where it was originally discovered. It is believed that this salt was thought to have healing properties for ailments such as insomnia, constipation, pain and extreme tiredness and exciting research is still ongoing.

The benefits of Epsom salts are down to its high content of Magnesium. Something that the human body lacks in abundance. Magnesium may help your body produce melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep.


Adequate levels are essential for sleep and stress management likely because magnesium helps your brain produce neurotransmitters that induce sleep and reduce stress. 


Epsom salts are renowned for reducing muscle soreness and to relieve cramps- both important factors for exercise and recovery as the body uses glucose and lactic acid.


Athletes are prone to low Magnesium levels so health professionals recommend that they take Magnesium supplements to ensure optimal levels are maintained.


A hot bath with our performance and recovery salts can soothe your tired aching muscles away. (

Running at the Beach
Woman Sleeping

Our natural bath salts are super relaxing to aid sleepiness at bedtime. Magnesium soaks promote healthy sleep by producing serotonin, the all-important mood elevating chemical in our brain that helps us feel calm and reduces stress.

They help flush out nasty toxins and helps the body produce melatonin- the hormone that promotes sleep. Use our Epsom Salts twice per week to splash your way to the land of sleep.

Our Cotswold Spa Epsom Salts are natural and safe to use for all children (aged 3+)


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